For thousands of years, we told stories from one generation to the next. Our stories help us to understand how the world is ordered and our place within it. But what good are old stories if the wisdom they contain is not shared?

In Never Alone, players take on the roles of Nuna, a young Iñupiaq girl and an Arctic fox, in an atmospheric puzzle platformer that combines traditional folklore, stories, settings, and characters handed down over many generations by Alaska Native people whose roots and heritage date back millennia. 

Featuring imagery and themes drawn directly from Iñupiat and other Alaska Native cultures, Never Alone features striking visuals, emphasizes the sensibilities and perspective of these indigenous Arctic people and requires players to work cooperatively to succeed in challenging and harsh environments. [x]

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Poussière d’étoiles (Stardust) is a series produced by the French photographer Ludovic Florent. It showcases dancers brimming with adding flour. Sand grains accentuate the majestic movement choreography.

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interesting how the answers change as the men get younger

and they call OUR generation lost

I was hating this until the end

I’m gonna reblog again cause this shit is important. my mom is a rape victim and she’s been married twice and she’s the strongest woman I know. rape shouldn’t be a deal breaker, that’s ridiculous.

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I need to ge me one of these.

GoPro: Girl Running with a gopro (head mount)



Candice Swanepoel & Lily Aldridge for Russell James new book ‘Angels’.


Candice Swanepoel & Lily Aldridge for Russell James new book ‘Angels’.

I love cup cakes

I love cup cakes

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The Shining (1980)Stanley Kubrick
behind the scenes

The Shining (1980)
Stanley Kubrick

behind the scenes

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